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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Darko Mitevski,
E-Mail: darkomitevski(at)naturkultur.eu,
Fon: +4917665646848

Guerilla Youthwork

14.05.17 bis 22.05.17
Konferenz/Kongress, international
Braunlage, Deutschland


 This training/networking seminar is for representative from small and medium NGOs that are working on mobility of youth projects. We will share know-how and best case practices, find solutions for our organizational challenges, design new projects etc.

Most of the mobilities from the youth part of Erasmus+ project are realized by small and medium NGOs. At the same time they have the least of resources to do their work and most of the challenges such as: lack of financial sustainability, not having sustainable office solution, big turnover of volunteers that come and go all the time, lack of management capabilities from the founders of the organization, lack of leadership skills, lack of PR and media skills, lack of IT skills so the visibility would be higher, lack of quality network that the organizations are facing, many administration and accounting challenges, lack of knowledge of all programs where they can apply and receive funds for their activities , lack of strategic networking, not having relevance in the society they operate, lack on enough meaningful projects that address burning issues in society are the ones if we name just few challenges that came out of the assessment of the organizations.

Having in mind that our projects intention is to find solutions for some of these challenges using the resources that we have at the moment, we want to place youth workers from small organizations that are facing similar challenges and to ask them to work together to find solutions that will provide sustainability and effectiveness in the work of the organizations. To put those solutions on paper and share them with other organizations that werent present on our project (salto youth, other platforms). Applicable, easy to follow and with long reach sharing our know-how and best case practices.

Also we want to design projects and make partnerships with reliable organizations for the following years(2017-2019) having in mind that many of the topics that we are targeting are going to remain relevant in the following years (Refugees, EU challenges, minority background citizens and their integration).




NaturKultur e.V.