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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Jhon Magkilat,
E-Mail: info(at)cge-erfurt.org,
Phone: +49 361 6021515

Informal Revision: Integration of non-formal education approach to the formal education system for youth empowerment at local level

27.10.17 bis 09.04.18
Training, europäisch
Cahkadzor, Weimar, Armenien


This long-term training course is an attempt to use non-formal education as a tool for youth empowerment in addressing societal issues and to build a stable and productive co-working platform for educators coming from formal education and youth field

Armenia - 27 October- 04 November 2017
Germany- 31 March - 09 April 2018

Long Term Training Course Objectives:

  • To unite efforts of youth workers coming from formal and other youth field backgrounds for youth empowerment at local level by using non-formal education
  • To build a necessary set of competences for proficient use of non-formal education instruments and tools for youth empowerment at local level
  • To introduce the values, principles of non-formal educations
  • To discuss the recognition of competences gained by non-formal education
  • To provide the possibility to plan, experiment and to get feedback to the non-formal education activities
  • To discuss and introduces the ways of integration of non-formal education activities to the system of formal education
  • To provide the opportunity to assess the quality of non-formal education activities and youth empowerment process at local level
  • To build a network and to create joined actions in order to address current challenges




Academy of onnovation, culture goes Europe Erfurt e.V.