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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Rosanne Galea,
E-Mail: r.galea(at)futurefocus.com.mt,
Fon: +356 21225884

Fostering youth activity for sustainable tourism development

22.10.18 bis 26.10.18
Training, international
Floriana, Malta


 This is a course for youth workers and youth leaders on how to help youths develop activities that support the development of sustainable tourism practices. The course will also cover aspects of entrepreneurship.

This is a 5 day course which includes lessons, visits and activities and is intended for youth workers and leaders who motivate and lead youths interested in setting up their own business or who develop activities in their own area. The course will be delivered by experts including psychologists, youth workers and professors. Some hands on activities are also included in the programme. We will together visit the beautiful island of Gozo and the amazing Dingli cliffs.

At the end of the course the delegates will have a good knowledge of:

  • The definition and objectives of sustainable tourism development
  • Activities that contribute to sustainable development
  • Quality standards in sustainable tourism practices

The delegates will have a good insight into what Malta and Gozo have to offer in terms of tourism.
The course will also give ample examples of good practices from Malta and abroad about sustainable tourism.

During the course delegates will be given information about youth entrepreneurship including innovative ideas which can motivate young people to set up on their own.
There will be a maximum of 15 delegates on this programme.




Future Focus