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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Felix Fischer,
E-Mail: Jonglirium(at)gmail.com,
Fon: +49 17670181249


14.08.18 bis 23.08.18
Training, europäisch
Halle (Saale), Deutschland


A 8-day training course which aims to introduce and explore principles of “improvisation” and experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can be readily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too.

IMPROject is an international Training Course on Improvisation and Youthwork! Come to learn to (re)act naturally!

Improvisation serves to strengthen one’s confidence in himself and in his skills and abilities. It allows participants in training to experience visceral, ‘in the moment’ practice within an overtly reflective and supportive environment.

Furthermore, improvisation encourages one to actively seek the unfamiliar, rather than simply learn to cope with it. It also represents a more fitting response to the complexity of human relations in which youth workers operate and thereby help to preserve the integrity of process-based practice.

This training is for you, if you…

  • want to explore and experiment with specific tools from non formal artistic fields (theatre, dance, creative expression),
  • can "survive" joyfully 9 days in a tent and in close contact with nature and other people,
  • are willing to actively participate in community building practices (preparation of food, taking care of the venue and the group…),
  • can adapt to a program that goes with the flow (of nature, of the group, of the environment),
  • are open to sharing your own skills and learning the skills of others,
  • are motivated and willing to commit to work on the objectives of the training course and participate in the whole duration of the project (preparation, training course, follow-up activities).

For more information please check the following website:




Jonglirium e.V.