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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

Cultural Diversity: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

06.10.18 bis 07.10.18
Konferenz/Kongress, international
Budapest, Ungarn


In the horizon-widening context of this global cultural diversity or "mundialization," an urgent focus is emerging on how to foster inclusive strategies for how people can live in shared spaces and cross-cultural places of what has become our global village. How should we and how can we co-exist without one voice, one narrative, one group imposing moral, political or religious dominance or superiority?

The goal of this interdisciplinary approach to cultural diversity is a mutually respectful, critical and inclusive exploration of multiple life experiences, voices and representations that does not fetishize or pathologize difference. This is not about co-existing in a kind of détente of tolerance that carries forward the baggage of colonial, patriarchal, heteronormative power but rather the interweaving of ideas, lives and learning from each other in inclusive ways that constructively contest and de-privilege hierarchies and power structures that place one individual or group above another or which separate individuals and groups from each other.

Please confirm the deadline for registration with the organisers.




Progressive Connexions