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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Justina Garbauskaitė-Jakimovska,
E-Mail: youth.epicenter(at)gmail.com

Facilitating intercultural learning in work with youth groups

23.07.18 bis 29.07.18
Training, europäisch
Daugirdiškės, Litauen


The aim of the training course is to support and empower youth workers and youth leaders through developing competencies needed to facilitate learning process of intercultural groups of young people.


  • Develop understanding of group processes and their effect on learning;
  • To improve professional competences of participants which will help them to facilitate activities with young people with learning oriented approach;
  • To improve participants’ competencies to plan, run and evaluate exercises on intercultural learning;
  • Develop understanding of importance of reflection in educational activities and provide participants with the competence of guiding reflection process of youngsters: designing reflection questions and running the process;
  • To improve participants’ competencies to adjust, adapt and create new methods based on non-formal education methodology that are in line with the current stage of the group dynamics;
  • To introduce focus groups as a tool for investigating intercultural learning process and its impact with young people;
  • To create space for future Erasmus+ projects development and ensuring the quality of the projects through developing common understanding of Youth project quality criteria: non-formal education, intercultural learning, and impact.




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