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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Vugar Rustamli,
E-Mail: vugar.rustamli(at)gmail.com,
Fon: +994555112140

Networking Days in Baku

23.08.18 bis 30.08.18
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, Sonstige, international
Baku, Aserbaidschan


It is a seven day project which aims to provide networking opportunities for NGOs organizing social/sport projects. Except networking participants will be provided with professional trainings in various related topics.

During 2011-2017 there was organized more than 10 international mega sport events which also fostered social projects in/with sport covering various stakeholders.

During the event you will meet youth workers and project managers from various countries, have the opportunity to introduce yourself, gain new knowledge with help of training and explore social sport projects in other countries.

The activity is consisted of training and field trip sections which will give broad sense and vision for participants how can sport help solving various issues e.g. self-development, mental development, girls' empowerment, youngsters' depression, unhealthy habits, active social participation and more.

Program will cover:

1. Trainings in these topics:

  • Inclusive and disability sport;
  • CSR projects in sport;
  • Sport Event management;
  • Sport volunteering;
  • Integrity in Sport;

2. Field trips:

  • Baku Olympic Stadium;
  • Two Sport Federations;
  • Paralympic Committee;
  • Social sport schools;
  • Refugee Women and Youth Center;

The event is open for youth workers and/or project managers who would like to develop new networks, gain professional knowledge, explore new horizons and find partners for future projects!




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