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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Panagiotis Mamouzakis,
E-Mail: info.oldevechte(at)gmail.com,
Phone: 0031 529 451 963

Practicing Coaching Training

15.11.15 bis 21.11.15
Training, international
Ommen, Niederlande


The Practicing Coaching training offers a unique learning approach that reaches out to the participants through a wide range of coaching methods and techniques through learning by doing or learning by experiencing. The training is opening door to new approaches and methods of coaching, as they are available at the moment and manifests itself through intense practicing, using real life examples, introduction, reflection videos and live demonstration.

In this training we will explore:
> The dynamics of how communication happens, internal and external.
> How to establish a better connection with others and generate trust.
> How to identify and clarify misunderstanding in communication.
> Increase your ability to create choices and flexibility in managing your states and behaviours.
> How to match your communication to a person you are having the conversation with.




Olde Vechte Foundation