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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Jonas Agdur,
E-Mail: jonas.agdur(at)keks.se


02.11.15 bis 04.11.15
Seminar, international
Gothenborg, Schweden


This is the 4th conference for local youth work mainly dedicated to people working in municipal youth departments. The Event is organised by the newly established InterCity Youth - the European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work.

A conference where we work together to meet the challenges of local youth work.

  • From Belgium to Bulgaria there are different forms of youth work.
  • From Georgia to Germany youth work use different methods.
  • From Ireland to Italy youth work face different challenges.

But the fact is that we have much more in common than what sets us apart!
They all work to support young peoples personal and social development and they know that this must be done together with young people, building on their active engagement and responsibility.
So what are these differences other than a great chance for inspiration and mutual learning?
INTERACTION for ACTION will be organized as a five-stage rocket:

  • Plenary speeches
  • Thematic seminars
  • Exchange of best practices
  • Workshops
  • Study visits

Main themes: (preliminary)

  • Quality assurance – showing and developing the outcome of youth work.
  • Active inclusion – strategies for reaching the hard to reach.
  • Non-formal learning – methods for fun and useful learning.
  • Integration and intolerance – youth work against segregation.
  • Breaking borders – local youth work goes international.

Target group:
Heads of or other staff working in local youth departments, coordinators, heads of youth centres and youth workers active in the development of local youth work.

For more information please check the following website.




InterCity Youth