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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Honza Látal,
E-Mail: natureofevs(at)gmail.com,
Phone: +420 608 039 629

Nature of EVS

09.11.15 bis 11.11.15
Training, europäisch
Sermugnano, Italien


We invite everybody who works with EVS: ex volunteers, coordinators, mentors, trainers, to come for big RE-process: Review your motivation, Rethink your work, Restart your learning process, Rejuvenate your body and Recharge your batteries.

Nature of EVS is a one-of-a-kind training course which aims to explore in depth the European Voluntary Service (EVS) as a journey for personal transformation and complex growth of all the actors involved, with focus on sustainability and service to ourselves, communities and environment.

? To understand the complex story of EVS in connection with main aspects of human life, natural cycles and mythology.
? To explore community life and service as a tool for EVS projects beneficial for all actors involved.
? To create space for networking and sharing about EVS and its meanings from different points of view.
? To experience personal strengths and shadows as EVS actors, to learn from it and get inspiration for future work.
? To collect useful tools and motivation for developing EVS into a meaningful sustainable experience in participant's realities.




C.S. Muovimente