Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Pilar Fontán Grech,
E-Mail: fontangp(at)injuve.es,
Fon: +34 91 782 77 50

Coaching the learning process in EVS

13.03.16 bis 18.03.16
Training, international
Mollina (Málaga), Spanien


Main aims
The main aim of the project is creating a space for mentor, former volunteers, trainers... that support the EVS volunteers discovering, understanding and taking the most from the reflection of their own learning process during the week, in order to be able to support and coach better the volunteers they are working with.

Specific objectives

  1. Discover and understand concepts as learning to learn and self-directed learning.
  2. Understand the variety of learning styles, and learning theories (Multiple intelligences, Kolb cycle…)
  3. Dialogue, feedback, coaching, support… as concepts not just to understand, also to use and analyze.
  4. Discover, share and improve tools that support the reflection of the learning processes that the people participating in the EVS are living. (like the “EVS learning notebook”)
  5. Discover and understand the competences of the key competences for the lifelong learning.
  6. Exchange and discover examples and good practices of the use of Youthpass after the EVS, related with the employment and job finding.


A space to learn and share will be created about analysing our previous personal learning experiences and then create a supportive environment in which the best way to support other learning process can be practiced and tested, specially of the EVS participants.

The approach of the team will base in:

  • Non-formal education
  • The group as the main resource of the Training Course.
  • Variety of ways of working and reflecting, because we all learn in different ways.
  • Challenge yourself, step out of the comfort zone, try the other way, change the point of view.




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