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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Pilar Fontán,
E-Mail: fontangp(at)injuve.es,
Fon: +34 91 782 77 50

Strategic partnerships on Employment & Recognition of NFE

05.04.16 bis 10.04.16
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, international
Mollina (Málaga), Spanien


This Partnershipbuilding Activity (PBA) is a working place for public or private organizations active in the youth field to develop future strategies of cooperation within the KA2, willing to cooperate and focus on innovative ideas to increase employability and the recognition of NFE.

The overall aim of the PBA is to support organizations in developing a trustable network for future strategic partnerships projects.

The main objectives of the PBA are:

  • To provide a meeting point for organizations to exchange information about future projects and foster a solid network of Erasmus+ youth partners.
  • To promote the implementation of Strategic Partnerships.
  • To improve the quality of Strategic partnerships.
  • To foster the employment concept and work employability projects within the KA2 in the youth field.
  • To offer the possibility to all the participants to innovate and work in favour of the most disadvantaged youth target groups in relation with employment and recognition of their competences in the non formal education.
  • To foster the recognition of non formal education through the cooperation within the frame of the KA2 of Erasmus+
  • To offer technical support in relation with Strategic Partnerships.




Spanish National Agency