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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Vlad Alexandru Grosar,
Fon:+ 40 747462195,

3rd European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC)

12.05.16 bis 16.05.16
Konferenz/Kongress, Seminar, international
Bled, Slowenien


The idea of the Conference is to bring together up to 100 youth workers/leaders from all around Europe to commonly plan the next stages of youth mobilization ion the field of alcohol in Europe.

Goals of the conference:

  • raise interest among young people and youth organisations about prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm and alcohol policy,
  • empower participants with skills and capacities to effectively work on the field of alcohol,
  • empower participants with necessary tools to engage in advocacy for more comprehensive alcohol policies at all levels,
  • provide necessary tools and training for participants to conduct projects to prevent and reduce alcohol related harm on youth,
  • give participants the opportunity to exchange expertise and good practice with their peers.

The participation fee covers the conference pack, accommodation, food and local travel and it varies upon the time of your application/ registration (early bird rate available).




Alcohol Policy Youth Network


Drogen, Europa, Gesundheit, Slowenien