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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Lucia Király Csajka,
E-Mail: lucia.kiralycsajka(at)iuventa.sk,
Fon: +421 908 678 809

All inclusive

16.03.16 bis 20.03.16
Training, international


This TC focuses on encouraging and empowering youth workers, social workers to start inclusive projects with mixed ability groups through Erasmus+ projects. The aim is to make the E+ more inclusive, accessible for young people with fewer opportunities.


  • to gain knowledge on how to deal with inclusion in Erasmus+ projects and to discover different possibilities for inclusive youth work within the framework of Erasmus+ (European Voluntary Service and Youth exchange)
  • to give youth workers a better understanding of people with fewer opportunities (key concepts in the field of inclusion)
  • to discuss and analyze challenges of inclusion people with fewer opportunities in the Erasmus+ activities
  • to improve the interaction between young people with and without fewer opportunities
  • to gain competences on how to stimulate the learning process of young people with fewer opportunities
  • to get familiar with different inclusion tools, methods and approaches
  • to exchange good practices about how inclusive projects can effect personal pathways of target groups
  • to establish partnership between organisations

Participant’s profile

  • Youth workers, social workers
  • To be motivated to develop future projects in the field of inclusion within the Erasmus+ Programme
  • Interested in exploring the possibilities within Erasmus+
  • Participants can apply in pairs (in case of language difficulties, but one of the pair has to speak English).




Iuventa-Slovak Youth Institute