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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Lilia Topalova-Martinez,
E-Mail: tcabulgaria(at)hrdc.bg,
Fon: +359 2 9155095

Lobbying and Advocacy in Youth field

17.04.16 bis 22.04.16
Training, international
Borovets, Bulgarien


The training program will develop the capacity of youth organizations to be sustainable and active in the process of protecting causes and defending positions; to develop youth workers in understanding the processes of lobbying and advocacy and confidence to use the tools in these fields; to strengthens the awareness of organizations for their role in the creation of policies at national and international level.
The training is conducted twice at national level gathering numerous youth organizations, supporting them in increasing their capacity. The programme is prepared in order to share best practices developed and adapted during the application of Varna for European Youth Capital. This training transmits the entire experience of the team from the first application until winning the title for 2017.

Main directions of the program

  • Promote the importance of youth opinion in the process of decision-making at local, national and international level;
  • Increase the organizational capacity and independence through enhancing the competencies of youth leaders in the structured dialogue, lobbying and advocacy;
  • Ensuring the development of active citizenship, democratic principles and the responsibility of youth organizations and informal youth groups.


  1. To help youth organizations improve their work through specific studies and actions designed to fill in their gaps in information, material means and assertiveness in the topics of structured dialogue of lobbying and advocacy;
  2. To empower youth leaders to conduct lobby activities so as to encourage initiative taking in social sphere and build further awareness;
  3. To help NGO’s improve their ability to participate in the structured dialogue process and to encourage them to participate in the decision making processes;
  4. To engage in cooperation with international organizations pursuing similar ends and join networks that may contribute to its functions.




Human Resource Development Centre, Bulgaria (National Agency)