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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Ingrid Müller,
Tel: 0228 9506-227,
E-Mail: mueller(at)jfemail.de

The sound of music II

11.05.16 bis 18.05.16
Training, europäisch
Mollina, Spanien


European Training course for youth workers to explore the power of music in non formal education activities with young people with different aims (to relax, to activate, to cooperate, to reflect, etc)


1. Provide participants with a theoretical framework of music and its influence on our body and our emotions.
2. Create awareness of the influence and the impact music can have (both positive and negative) in the participants’ mood, during the development of non-formal educational activities (NFE).
3. Develop the skills of the participants in the creation of thematic musical sets ordered by purpose (eg. music for teamwork, for reflection, for energizing, for creating groups,...)
4. Develop the ability of participants to create atmospheres using music (e.g.: selection of the adequate music, distribution of the space in the room, temperature,) that boost the learning experience of young people in NFE activities
5. Provide the participants with digital tools related to music (to create playlists, edit, search, playback, music without royalty)
6. Support participants in the creation of their own soundtracks for their workshops, youth exchanges or trainings.
7. Provide a space to exchange experiences and resources between participants about the use of music.
8. Discover the value of Erasmus +: Youth in Action, as a program for developing youth activities.




Spanish National Agency