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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


E-Mail: jeremy.tremolieres(at)service-civique.gouv.fr,
Fon: 0033170989375

COSMOOC International project management: From ideas to actions

24.04.16 bis 28.04.16
Konferenz/Kongress, Seminar, international
Marseilles, Frankreich


The main objective of COSMOOC is to reflect collectively on the different steps of an international project and produce a MOOC to spread the results. Youth workers and youngsters will be mixed.

COSMOOC International project management: From the idea to action
Any amazing realization starts with an idea, an emotion, a vision and everyone who initiate something like that has to confront step by step his/her dreams to reality. Slowly, actions will become possible and will fit in the environment, find their right audience and meet the objectives of all participants. Ideas need to evolve and have to be followed to make the impossible become possible!

The seminar is designed to be a collaborative laboratory to share and experience learning methods and tools. The focus is on Project management and how to use video media as a useful tool to spread good practices about international Youth projects.
The main idea is to mix a group of 15 youthworkers with a group of 12 youngsters to both reflect on what is need to build a great international project and realize a Mooc (Massive Online Open Course) to spread all the brilliant advices/ tips/ recommendations this seminar will enable to collect.

For more information please check the following website:




Agence Erasmus + Jeunesse & Sport France