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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Jolanta Drywa,


22.08.16 bis 28.08.16
Training, international
Schwerin, Deutschland


Hof-Medewege OHG

Hauptstraße 11-15, Schwerin


The international training course "Out of Civilisation?" is organized for NGO-activists from Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine and deals with different aspects of sustainability. To discuss and try out methods in the field of sustainable consumption is one of the main goals of the project.

The training is organised as a barcamp and consists of different workshops, panels and discussions, which will be prepared by the participants themselves. Possible workshops are upcycling, making bread, cooking at the fire, human library, bees keeping ... Small units connected to theoretical approaches in the field of sustainable development will complete the program. At the same time there will be enough space for intercultural meetings and the exchange of professional experiences in the field of NGO-work.

At the beginning of the project the group will discuss and fix various challenges such as one week without meat or cell phone and will reflect and exchange their experiences. During a trip and a public performance the young activists will step into "civilisation" and interact with the public.

Requirements: You can take part in the project, if you are a NGO-activist from Germany, Poland, Russia or Ukraine and in the age of 18-30. You should be also interested in sustainable development and speak English at a level of B1/B2. The project-language will be English.

The participation fee includes accommodation, full board and program. Participants from Germany have to pay 90 EUR. The participation fee has to be payed on the spot. The travel expenses can be reimbursed after the training up to a maximum of 100 EUR (Germany) Reimbursement is only possible if all original receipts be on hand. Please take care of your bookings in time and travel as cheap as possible.