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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


James White,
E-Mail: info(at)sunrisebushcraft.com,
Fon: 01425 618622

Outdoor Education and Training course for delivering qualifications to NEET and Vulnerable young people

03.10.16 bis 07.10.16
Training, international
New Forest Hampshire, Großbritannien


This course will equip participants with the skills, knowlege and activities necessary to run a series of programmes outdoors specifically aimed at helping NEET and vulnerable young people to thrive, and go on to access education and employment.

Based fully outdoors for the week the course will emerse the participants in an in depth training week of activities and skills all based outdoors that they can return home and run sessions for their local cohorts. All aspects of outdoor education and training will be covered from woodland skills, forest school techniques, first aid outdoors, teaching methodology, outdoor cooking, tracking, games, teamwork and boosting self esteem and participation. Participants will also have access to a suite of European Qualifications they can run once trained through our UK academy to deliver accredited courses and qualifications. Participants can also return to complete a level 3 Forest school instructor qualification. All meals and drinks will be provided in a woodland base camp setting and the group will cook and live together for the duration. The course will be accredited through LASER Awards and certificates awarded on completion of portfolios.




Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy