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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Vele Georgiev,
E-Mail: cge.erasmusplus(at)gmail.com,
Phone: +49 - 361 60 21 515


15.07.16 bis 24.07.16
Training, europäisch
Sajan, Serbien


Our experience shows that EVS mentors/tutors/facilitators need to have more skills and knowledge how to give support to the volunteers, especially in a context of emotional management and stress relief. This training will be chance to develop their competences, especially in context of - learning to learn – philosophy that will enable them to deliver of better quality support within their future work.
The objectives of this training course are:
- To empower mentors/tutors/facilitators to be aware of their own difficult-to-handle fillings that arise during their work with EVS volunteers with fewer opportunities;
- To learn ways to self-assess and develop own emotional competencies
- To introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and its relevance for professional and personal development
- To develop and to integrate the L2L competences from a perspective of emotional management in the work with EVS volunteers
- To develop the self awareness regarding his/her own limits, character & personality and its impact on the EVS mentoring/facilitating process and learning preferences




Culture Goes Europe (CGE)