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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Ingrid Müller,
Tel: 0228 9506-227,
E-Mail: mueller(at)jfemail.de

Mentoring for mentors: Share, focus and learn - quality mentorship training course

26.09.16 bis 30.09.16
Training, europäisch
-, Türkei


Mentoring for mentors training provides the participants a detailed outline for the core mentoring skills e.g. relationship, practical, pedagogical and cultural awareness skills.
The training is based on learning from one’s own work by sharing one's own experiences with others. During the process the participants learn to understand different phenomena of their work as well as their own relationship with them. This enables them to clarify their work goals and develop suitable ways to achieve them. In the training the participants develop their own work and know-how by sharing experiences, listening others and building shared knowledge. Throughout the training participants are familiarized with mentorship skills. Different dialogue techniques are used to enhance dialogical communication and reflection.
Mentor for mentors is the first training course specific for EVS mentors from South-Med and program countries together.

The main aims of the training are
- To provide opportunities for Mentors to share their previews experiences as EVS mentors
- To develop their professional profile as EVS mentors
- To introduce new approaches to support a learning process of EVS volunteer




Finnish National Agency (National Agency)