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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Despoina Rafailidou,
E-Mail: info.oldevechte(at)gmail.com,
Phone: 0031 529 451 963

Event Wise training

23.08.16 bis 29.08.16
Training, europäisch
Ommen, Niederlande


Event Wise is a dynamic personal development training that equips educators in order to support their parallel process into guiding people’s learning.

What you can get out of the training:
• Reach the best performance levels you are capable of
• Communicate with more clarity, accuracy and persuasiveness.
• Create and sustain a positive mental attitude, especially during hard times.
• Use your words and body language to purposefully instil self-confidence.
• Manage your priorities so that you are always doing the most important thing first.
• Distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism.
• Analyse problems to find their causes and solutions.
• Gain the willing cooperation of others.
• Use good humour to make yourself more effective in the workplace.
• Rediscover the joy of play and spontaneity.
• Work on your weaknesses and play to your strengths.
Additionally, during this training we are going to give practical tools and approaches that can be implemented in work with other people:
• Reflection & self-reflection tools
• Planning tools
• Decision-making tools
• Outdoors as a personal development tool
• Out of the box approach
• Appreciative inquiry approach




Olde Vechte Foundation


Methoden, Niederlande