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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

AFS Global conference 2019: Active Global Citizenship - and How to Educate for It

09.10.19 bis 11.10.19
Konferenz/Kongress, international
Montréal, Kanada


Let’s make global competence education a reality for young people everywhere.
Share, discuss and debate with leaders in education, NGOs, business, government, and agencies:

  • Winning strategies to bring global competence into classrooms and youth programs
  • How global competence improves critical thinking and problem-solving skills of leaders, employees and volunteers
  • Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires global skills not offered in 20th century classrooms 
  • Ways global education builds resilience to extreme ideologies and faiths that divide people
  • Cutting-edge study abroad programs that provide real-world learning opportunities for students from all backgrounds  
  • How global competence helps all stakeholders better connect resources and communities to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The importance of media literacy and how social media energizes and hinders productive conversations on social activism, globalism and culture
  • Why a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to business innovation and ethical decision-making
  • Creative ways corporate social responsibility is changing the world

Target group:
Whether you are in a classroom, a boardroom or an assembly hall, we must work together to find common ground to integrate global competence into formal, non-formal and informal education for learners of all ages.