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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

E+ Youth-Activizenship – Volume I & Volume II

08.11.19 bis 16.11.19
Training, europäisch
Baitz, Deutschland


E+ Youth-Activizenship aims to enhance youth participation in 10 communities in Europe. Participation is key for inclusion and resilience of youth in our society that is becoming fragmented and complex. This project comprises two training courses.


  • To further professionalise youth workers by making them experience and reflect on innovative methods and tools which they can acquire and use to foster youth participation in their respective communities;
  • To foster the bottom-up development of youth participation action plans based on evidence and experience of participants using four thematic clusters of participation as a theoretical framework.

The project E+ Youth-Activizenship comprises two training course: Volume I and Volume II.

TC 1: E+ Youth-Activizenship – Volume I:

  • Dates: 27.07.2019 – 04.08.2019.
  • Venue: Rovereto, Italy

TC 2: E+ Youth-Activizenship – Volume II:

  • Dates: 08.11.2019 – 16.11.2019.
  • Venue: Baitz, Germany