Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

Youth in the 21st Century: Multiplicity And Difference

18.10.19 bis 19.10.19
Konferenz/Kongress, international
St. Petersburg, Russland


National Research University «Higher School of Economics», St. Petersburg


This conference focuses on multiplicity and difference among contemporary youth. If at the end of the 20th century, the notion of multiplicity was welcomed - appearing to promise the “freedom of diversity” and “recognition of difference” beyond the constraints of pre-specified classifications, criteria and boundaries - today it raises more questions than answers. Have we achieved a world in which plurality is fully recognised, where all have the right to be different and unique? Are we the creators of our own biographical projects or do we remain bound within a structurally determined life course? Can the multiplicity of individualized subjects become the basis of new solidarity?

At the heart of this conference is the commitment of CYS research to overcome an understanding of young people that problematises, marginalises and generalises their experiences. The focus on ‘multiplicity’ in the conference will allow participants, rather to recognise among youth multiple subjects who exert their agency, but at the same time experience their life in certain structural conditions. Through this lens, participants aim to build a comprehensive picture of youth practices, identities, experiences, modes of participation and their meanings and to reflect on the opportunities and challenges that young people have in today's global and local contexts.

Discussions are proposed within or outside the following topics:

  • Youth cultures, subcultures, scenes, and solidarities;
  • Youth in the new economy and labour market;
  • Civic engagement and political participation;
  • Digital youth;
  • Sexuality, body, and gender in youth studies;
  • Migrations and mobilities;
  • Religion, ethnicity, and identity;
  • Youth in the city;
  • Youth and generations.

Working languages: English, Russian




National Research University «Higher School of Economics», St. Petersburg (Russland)