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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

EMPOWERING GIRLS: Jump in international youth work

16.10.17 bis 20.10.17
Training, international


The training will be adressed to young potential female youth/youthworkers or trainers who would like to start their international experience.

Youth Work can thus play a fundamental role in the empowerment of girls, especially in terms of providing opportunities for self-assessment, development of skills and competences.

After the great success of the previous editions of Empowering Women in France - in 2010 with a very general approach on the role of women in society, in 2012 with a more specific analysis on women in the field of social economy, in 2013 with an emphasis on the promotion of young women employability through non-formal education – we had moved to Turkey for dealing more specifically on the topic of entrepreneurship and the role youth work can have in its support and encouragement.

In 2017, the strategy will move and change focus and target group. The main aim will be to work with young female youth workers or trainers that would like to start to work internationally but they will need support and understanding about what does it means.

The activity will support developement of competencies and awarness about inner rediness to start this path.

The training will focus on following topics:

  1. self empowering;
  2. define the challges that young women have in starting their international work/field of work
  3. tools for define their steps in futures

The main aim will be to empower young women and to provide them tools for starting their process in the youth international field.




Salto-Youth EuroMed (SALTO), Spanish NA (hosting the activity), Finnish NA, SALTO EM, SALTO SEE, SALTO EECA