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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Gert Venken,
Email: gvenken@vvj.be,
Fon: 0032474634219

6th InterCity Youth Conference 2017: Youth Work in urban context

15.11.17 bis 17.11.17
Konferenz/Kongress, europäisch
Leuven, Belgien

Vaartkom 4


Join the discussion on challenges young people are facing in urban context, pick up innovative good practices and strike up new partnerships. Networking, innovations and dialogue – That’s what the Intercity Youth Conference is all about!

In the coming decade, cities in Europe are facing big challenges, such as demographic evolutions, lack of space, rising mobility, (un)employment)… These phenomena will manifest in different ways and on different scales in these different European cities – Which role can youth work play in the search for answers to these challenges?

Urban youth workers are invited, local policy makers and experts in the field from all over Europe to Leuven to exchange good practices – With 3 keynotes, about 20 workshops, 15 field visits and 2 formal network moments!

Please follow the link to get more information about registration and programme:




Vereniging Vlaamse Jeugddiensten (VVJ)