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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Ecaterina Dobroiu,
E-Mail: e.dobroiu(at)avangarde-training.ro,
Phone: 0040740194170

Entrepreneurship goes social

14.11.17 bis 23.11.17
Training, europäisch
Wis?a, Polen


The main aim of the TC is to prepare youth workers who promote entrepreneurship among youth, to include elements of Social Economy in their activities, as well as to create a Tool Kit with methods and tools for that purpose.

Tthe "Entrepreneurship goes social" training has the following objectives:

  • To equip youth workers with knowledge about SE;
  • To develop the participants' practical skills for the involving SE in their educational activities in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • To jointly discuss and define how SE can be used to minimize the causes and effects of youth unemployment in the participants' local communities (especially in the context of young people with fewer opportunities);
  • To raise participants' awareness of how non-formal education can influence and change attitudes of young people;
  • To create a network of organizations and youth workers that interested in active use of the opportunities offered by the inclusion of SE in informal education about entrepreneurship;
  • To develop ideas for future activities and project in this field.




Avangarde Association


Beschäftigung, Polen