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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Inge Linne,

Networking Seminar-Youth Mobility Opportunities for Youth with Health Issues

17.04.18 bis 22.04.18
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, Sonstige, international


Networking seminar is organised for organisations working or willing to work with young people with health issues (and/or disability). It aims to stimulate partnership, capacity building and to develop youth mobility project ideas within “Erasmus+:YiA”.

Are you working (or willing to work) with young people with health issues (and/or disability) aged 13-30? Would you like to give them more opportunities to learn important skills in international environment? Would you like to get involved in some international youth project and find possible partners? If so, may be this opportunity is for you!
We are organizing this networking seminar (NS) to provide additional support to organizations specifically working with young people with disabilities and/or health issues. NS will help you to realize your ideas into projects for giving opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities!

Objectives of this NS:

  • To explore international youth exchanges and voluntary activities as a tool for empowering, supporting active participation and social inclusion of young people with health issues,
  • To create a space for meeting organizations working with similar target group and establishing partnerships and possible networks
  • To explore quality criteria in Erasmus+ youth mobility projects
  • To build competences of participants to develop youth mobility projects by working on actual project ideas that can later on be implemented




Latvian National Agency