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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Sezer Gürsoy,
E-Mail: problemsolversteam(at)hotmail.com,
Fon: 00905054291265

Community Problem Solving

21.05.18 bis 28.05.18
Training, international
Ankara, Türkei


We all have problems to solve, decisions to make. In order to solve these problems and make good decisions, we first have to understand the problem. Who or what is involved in the problem? When and where does the problem occur? Why does it occur?

Fast developing world conditions and environmental issues requires the individuals to be grown up as versatile and to be able to create the best scientific and realistic solutions to the problems that they can come face to face.

It is really hard to bring healthy solutions to today’s problems with yesterday’s understanding and approaches. And this shows that it is really important to grow individuals who are able to produce efficient solutions to problems, work with them, evaluate the events and facts, develop the environment and himself or herself.

In today’s globalizing world, we are in need of efficient individuals who can solve problems efficiently, can communicate with different groups and works, think productively and gather the analytical thinking and productivity, and are able to deal with the social change and transformation.

That’s why "critical thinking" and "problem solving" skills among youthworkers are focussed in this project and how these skills can be used in everyday life and issues important to community.


  • developing teamwork and collaboration between the youthworkers;
  • enhancing the skills of preparing materials and presentations of youthworkers that communicate ideas effectively;
  • showing evidence that team members are able to learn and utilize problem-solving strategies in community problems;
  • developing critical and analytical thinking skills of young people and youthworkers.




Problem Solving Team