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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland: Inge Linne,
E-Mail: linne(at)jfemail.de

stART-up your creative exchange

29.08.18 bis 02.09.18
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, europäisch
De Glind, Niederlande


This Partnership Building Activity aims to support (fairly) newcomers in Erasmus+ Youth in Action in finding project partners and developing quality youth exchanges with art and creative forms as a tool.

In this 5-days Partnership Building Activity participants will get the opportunity to explore the possibilities of creating youth exchange projects. Through non-formal learning methods participants will get the chance to look into and learn about:

  • art & creative forms as educational tools
  • how to involve youth actively in developing and organizing youth exchanges
  • creating good learning environments for young people and work with young people on awareness of learning outcomes and competences they develop during these youth exchanges
  • intercultural learning & dealing with change
  • project management, as the organizational part of these projects
  • developing partnerships and youth exchanges




Erasmus+: Youth in Action Netherlands (National Agency)