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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
kontaktieren Sie bitte: Inge Linne,
Email: linne(at)jfemail.de

What could go wrong?- How to deal with Meestaeks in E+:YiA projects

04.11.18 bis 10.11.18
Training, international
Sofia , Bulgarien


Organising an international youth project is not an easy task: finding international reliable partners, making agreements, assessing participants’ real needs and involving them in all stages of the project are challenging processes even for experienced project managers.

Over the years National Agencies and trainers in the field have identified common mistakes when organising a Erasmus+:YiA project. This TC was developed to help new comers understand the easy-to-make flops and the pit-falls of project management and to creatively discover alternatives and practices that facilitate cooperation and promote the project quality. Furthermore - looking a bit beyond the project management process - E+: YiA projects are all about learning, and mistakes play a role there as well: not as something to be avoided, but as an opportunity to learn from.

In this training course we will look for the mistakes to make and those to avoid, we will celebrate failure and discover creative tools to find safer paths for success.

Main aim

The training aims to help new Erasmus+ beneficiaries (Youth workers, youth leaders and project managers) to identify the most common mistakes when organizing E+ Youth projects and look at ways to prevent these mistakes with alternative solutions for when they occur.

Aims & objectives

  • To identify the most common mistakes in E+ projects during preparation, implementation and follow-up phases;
  • To find the practices that prevent difficult situations in E+ projects and increase the chances of obtaining good results;
  • To acknowledge that mistakes are part of the natural learning cycle and we can learn from them at personal level;
  • To discover strategies and management techniques to deal constructively with mistakes in a youth project at organizational level;




Human Resource Development Centre