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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Kontaktieren Sie bitte: Inge Linne,
Email: linne(at)jfemail.com

EYE Opener

12.11.18 bis 17.11.18
Training, international


EYEOpener offers an international learning experience to teams of young people and youth workers, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects within the E+ YiA Programme. The main contents are intercultural learning, youth participation and non-formal learning.

Target group

Max 40 participants (aiming at between 12 and 18 pairing groups).
1 ADULT LEADER who deals directly with the young people and is committed to engaging in the future development of a youth exchange in partnership with the young persons. Over 18 years old. Two leaders could attend if mixed (male/female) or where national legislation requires this (after agreement with the sending National Agency)
1 TO 2 YOUNG PEOPLE: between 15-18 years old.


  • to provide information on Erasmus+ Youth in Action youth exchanges
  • to provide a group learning experience in the process of setting up a youth exchange project
  • to develop basic skills, knowledge and attitudes to organise a youth exchange
  • to understand non-formal learning and young people's participation in learning
  • to explore the role of a group leader in young people's learning process
  • to enhance the active participation of young people in planning of youth exchanges

Some of the training sessions will be implemented with the whole group, and in some sessions the group will be divided. This way the learning will be adapted to the different needs of the young people and the youth workers. Young people will get first hand knowledge on how to plan a project, and the teams will learn more about how youth and youth workers can cooperate in a productive way. Both youth workers and young people will be expected to communicate in English.

NB: This training will be held in an alcohol free setting




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