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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


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The Art to Reflect – About meaningful reflection in trainings

26.02.19 bis 01.03.19
Training, international
De Glind , Niederlande


This trainer skills workshop (TWS) intends to expand trainers’ toolkits with reflective approaches and to equip them with the skills to plan and implement reflection as part of the learning processes. The Trainer Skills Workshop on the Art to Reflect will focus on:

  • Practical skills to support participants with valuing and using reflection as an essential part of learning;
  • Knowledge and Awareness of designing and delivering effective reflection sessions, adjusted to various learning environments and educational approaches;
  • Supporting learners in reflective space and practice in the context of the European Training Strategy (ETS) in the field of youth.

Participants will get the possibility to:

  • Explore the competence area of “Learning to learn” in the ETS Competence Model for Trainers and its interconnectedness with other Competence areas;
  • Share experiences and creative methods of individual and group reflection processes during training courses and related learning activities;
  • Linking this reflective experience to participants’ training practices;
  • Experience a variety of individual reflection and reflection groups;
  • Self-reflect: the trainer as learner (individual and within the team).

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