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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


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KA2 NOW - Innovation in Youth Work

20.02.19 bis 22.02.19
Konferenz/Kongress, international
Berlin, Deutschland


These projects brought together partners from different fields to cooperate in the development of innovative solutions for youth work, youth workers and organisations and created unique synergies across Europe.

KA2 NOW stands for „Innovation in Youth Work“ and will be the first conference in the history of Erasmus+ Youth in Action, to bring together different actors representing innovative KA2 projects in the youth field. For two and half days, Berlin will be the place to discover many of these projects (more than 30!) and their results, have the possibility to share experiences, to disseminate results and network with others. All this, combined with inspiring speakers and time for quality conversations about Innovation in the Youth Sector with your peers.

Main aim of the conference

To highlight Erasmus + Youth in Action as a tool to support innovation in the field of youth with a strong focus on Strategic Partnerships.


  • to explore what innovation means in the Youth Field, in particular in Youth Work;
  • to share and explore examples of projects that strive for innovation; and give space for dissemination the tools and materials produced from the KA2 projects present
  • to discuss the trends and challenges in the youth field that demand innovation;
  • to promote networking in order to create synergies between participants/ organisations/projects.

For more information please check the following website:




National Agencies: JUGEND für Europa, JINT & SA Archimedes Nordplus