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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


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Youth Engagement into Activism, How to?

06.03.19 bis 12.03.19
Training, international
Sofia, Bulgarien


People working directly with youngsters need to be high qualified and have a different range of competences - knowledge, skills and attitudes. Therefore, training possibilities are on high demand, especially to develop critical thinking on the concepts of politics, democracy and active citizenship and use this knowledge to empower young people and their active participation in their community.


The Y.E.A.H. TC aim to develop youth workers competences in the field of Democracy, Active Citizenship and Youth Participation in order to better support the implementation of coherent youth work practices which can promote democratic values and engagement of young people in the society.


  • To increase understanding of Democracy and Active Citizenship and the relation between them;
  • To experience how individual democratic values function and link them to the society and to democratic practices;
  • To bring awareness on how individual values are shadowing democratic practices in the society and how to use them in youth work practices;
  • To explore how youth workers use education as a tool for bringing social change;
  • To reflect upon activism as a democratic practice among young people and as a potential tool for social change in a democratic society;
  • To reflect upon how Democratic Europe should look like in the near future and what can youth workers do in order to support this vision to come true;




Human Resource Development Centre