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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Fon: +99557776955

Safety First! building resilience and critical consciousness online

02.12.18 bis 06.12.18
Training, international
Tbilisi, Georgien


PRESS -> START This project aims to create a practice of youth resilience building and education for cyber hygiene by providing, practising and disseminating the relevant tools in youth work in partner organisations


2018 unmasked new threats to democracy, human rights and rule of law - three main pillars that guarantee sustainable and peaceful Europe. It was reported that online private data can be breached and misused to affect major geopolitical decisions on one hand and the well-being of every individual citizen on the other hand.  

Unprotected citizen on the internet can easily become prone to exposure to hate speech, extremist content, narratives that undermine the values of human rights and peace. With this project, we want to create a practice of building youth resilience through youth work and build the capacities of youth organisations in terms of cyber hygiene and safety.

This project consists of 4 phases:

  1. Residential Training in Tbilisi, Georgia - Inputs on cyber security, safety and working on educational activities for young people.
  2. Intermediate phase - outputs playtested with young people back home;
  3. Residential Seminar in Welper, Germany - sharing, evaluating, disseminating;
  4. Follow-up - cybersecurity guides for youth organisations and community organisations.




Youth Association DRONI