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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

DiscoverEU - The voice of Youth

Workshop/Fachtag/Infotag/Fachgespräch, europäisch
Brüssel, Belgien


Europäisches Parlament, Room JAN6Q1, Brüssel


The European Youth Forum and the Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament (in Brussels) are co-organising an Interactive Workshop on DiscoverEU on December 6th from 16h to 18h at the European Parliament.

This event is hosted by MEP Tom Vandenkendelaere from the Youth Intergroup.
The Organizers want to bring together stakeholders from the European Institutions and from the youth field to explore on how this action could be implemented under the next Erasmus Programme. The debate and following discussions will focus on different aspects of its implementation such as the application phase or the type of support given to participants.

The main goal is exploring how this new action can be implemented in a coherent way with the values of the programme and for the overall benefit of the participants. We will use the scenario developed by the European Youth Forum as a starting point for the discussion.

Since this is an event organised at the European Parliament, registration is mandatory in order to attend. For participants who do not have an EP pass, we will collect as well some necessary information to allow you to enter the European Parliament.




European Youth Forum and the Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament (in Brussels)


Belgien, Erasmus+, Europa, Mobilität