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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Danijela Matorčević,
Fon: +381649604358,

Reconciliation youth work in post-conflict areas

22.11.19 bis 01.12.19
Training, europäisch
Novi Sad, Serbien


Specific objectives of the training course are:

  • To learn more about realities and different practices in other European countries when it comes to reconciliation through youth (sport) work
  • To explore the complexity of “I” and “WE” identities, the layers of identity, the process of identity development and the influence on our intercultural learning, dialogue and acceptance
  • To explore personal styles of communication and conflict transformation and to reach common understanding on quality non-violent communication and effective approaches of conflict resolution within small intercultural groups
  • To discuss the social and political context we live in, in terms of youth work for reconciliation
  • To discuss and reach common understanding of a constructive process of dealing with the past, of peacebuilding and the deconstruction of “enemy” images
  • To develop recommendations to youth workers for quality reconciliation in our communities
  • To develop specific practical workshops of youth work for reconciliation to be implemented in our communities as a follow-up of this training course




Active Youth in Happy Europe (AMUSE)