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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Natalia Ruiz de Cortázar Gracia,
E-Mail: info(at)asociacionexperientia.org,
Fon: +34 623170311

VI Wilderness Therapy - International Training

19.05.20 bis 24.05.20
Training, international
Barcelona- Girona, Spanien


The organisation offers an experiential approach to learning about Wilderness Therapy through a backpacking expedition in the mountains of Barcelona and Girona. The participants will also get to know about Adventure Therapy, Outdoor Education, Experiential learning.

**This training is not funded by Erasmus+. Participants must cover attendance fee and travel expenses**

This training aims to provide an opportunity to participants to learn and experience how wilderness therapy works from an experiential approach. Through backpacking and living in nature you will explore the key elements of wilderness therapy and how can they apply them in different settings or populations. The group will explore the benefits, theoretical and practical foundations of facilitating therapeutic experiences in nature. Experientia facilitates this training for the 6th time, aiming to share knowledge and experience from different points of view.


  • Therapeutic tools in Wilderness Therapy
  • Key components of Wilderness Therapy
  • Theoretical foundations of Wilderness Therapy
  • Soft and hard skills
  • Facilitation skills. Role of mentor / facilitator
  • “Leave no Trace”




Asociación Experientia