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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Emma Graph,
Fon: +352 24873962,

Chance to update: Full-Stack Online Training Course for Youth Trainers and Facilitators

01.06.20 bis 30.09.20
E-Learning/Online, Training, europäisch


A complete Training Course of Training skills and Facilitation. Made for all youth who desired to be a trainers and leaders. Best match to youth-workers and youth-leaders who dire to update their expertise to Youth Trainers and Facilitators. 

A four-months practical training course dedicated to the major knowledge, skills and attitude of Youth Trainers, Youth Leaders, Business-Trainers and Facilitators working in the field of non-formal learning and Business-Education. 

  • The preliminary high-level training program plan is:
  • Brief intro to Youth Work and Trainers Role; (4 hrs)
  • Training activity as your Business, your Job and your Passion (4 hrs)
  • Non-formal Education: European approach, actuality (4 hrs)
  • Monetisation of Trainers job (6 hrs)
  • Importance of Erasmus+ model of Youth Work and Trainers Conmpetences (4 hrs)
  • Researching your target audience;  (2 hrs)
  • Strategic planning and detailed development of your Training Course; (6 hrs)
  • Youth psychology (4 hrs)
  • Fulfillment of your Training Course; (8 hrs)
  • European values in Youth Work (2 hrs)
  • Presentation of the ideas, Body Language of Trainer; (4 hrs)
  • Influencing the audience; (6 hrs)
  • Secrtets of the group dynamic; (6 hrs)
  • Time-management for Youth Trainer; (4 hrs)
  • Getting Things Done; (4 hrs)
  • Engaging and Entertaining the audience (6)
  • Dealing with crisis and challenging behavior (6)
  • How to sell your training skills to the clients (4)
  • How to be charismatic and make people like you (6)
  • How to detect lie (4)
  • Smaller topics and questions (up to 6 hrs)

Whom this Training Course designed for:

  • Junior Youth Workers, working the field of non-formal learning and youth work and desired to update own professional level;
  • Mid- and Senior- Youth Workers who need to provide more training activities with groups;
  • Skilled trainers, who look for new inspiration and meeting with peers, as far as learn, how to earn money as a Trainer;
  • Facilitators and future facilitators, working the field of non-formal learning and youth work, who want to learn and perfect the art of facilitation;

Working language: English.




European Youth Development Agency (Youth NGO)