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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

Youth@Work. Building Ecoliteracy: preparing European young people for the green labour market

05.10.20 bis 11.10.20
Training, europäisch
Santander, Spanien


The training course, proposed by the Youth(at)WorkPartnership on Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship of Erasmus+ National Agencies, aims to prepare and inspire professionals working with and for young people to bring an ecological focus in their labour market orientation projects.

In order to equip young people for the green labour market, we are organising a training course for professionals who work for and with young people. With this training, we want to prepare the participants to guide the young people they work with along their employability path, with a special focus on those competences that they will need to acquire for fulfilling the requirements of the increasing number of green jobs available.


  • Train 30 professionals (youth workers, trainers, youth leaders/change-makers and policy-makers) on guiding the young people they work with along their employability path, with a special focus on competences needed in the green labour sector;
  • Analyse the current trends of the labour market and explore the new competences that will be needed to cover the demands of the future green job market;
  • Provide participants with a wider understanding of the ecological systems and raise awareness of the urge for preparing young generations for future challenges;
  • Promote youth work and non-formal education as tools to develop the competences that young people will need in the future green labour market;
  • Provide professionals and young people with methods and tools in order to improve youth employability and inspire green innovation;
  • Create a network of youth professionals having a specific interest in and motivation to further cooperate on initiatives connected with the green labour market.




Spanish National Agency (INJUVE)