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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

Europe Goes Local SP: Meeting of Municipal Youth Councils,Exchanging Realities & Practices for recognision of local youth work (ONLINE AND RESIDENTIAL)

01.09.20 bis 05.09.20
Training, europäisch


The meeting will reinforce the networking among the members of Municipal Youth Councils, by sharing their realities and good practises, by discussing the level of recognision of local youth work in their local communities and by designing future actions. This actitity is a blended meeting of residential  and online version.

The trasnational pax will stay connected online and the national one will gather in a place in Greece. On 4rth of September there will be the trasnational meeting of the whole selected group, so that there will be discussed the impact of local youth work on youngsters,, how the youth participation can be increased on local communites and some good practises will be shared.

Europe Goes Local is an international project funded through the Erasmus+ Programme. The core aim of the project is to raise the quality of local youth work in particular through enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders that are active at the municipal level. The Partnership currently involves about 200 members who represent around 120 municipalities from 22 participating countries.

The main objectives of the TC are:

  • to have a multiplying effect by connecting to various activities of the representatives and spreading project results to a wide range of stakeholders
  • to raise the quality of local youth work through enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders that are active at the municipal level
  • to enhance networking among municipality representatives
  • to share good and bad practices
  • to make a step forward for the recognition of youth work.

The training will be held in Athens (only for national group). The trasnational meeting wiill be tranfered online on 3rd and 4th of September. Each participant will be accomodated in single rooms. All the measures will be taken for the safety of the group.




Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation