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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


TCA Team,
Fon: +34 91782 7612,

Climate emergency: priorities from the youth for a political agenda focused on sustainability

08.10.20 bis 12.10.20
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, europäisch
Cabueñes, Asturien, Spanien


This activity aims to address the climate issue from a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting youth approach to the daily activity of organizations, so that young people are involved in a global way in this problem.

Today, young people must grapple with serious problems inherited from their elders such as persisting poverty, rampant inequality and climate change. Nevertheless, young people possess the energy, creativity and passion to create a Europe that does not live off the rest of the world, spreading poverty and environmental damage.

The methodology of the activity is based on encouraging participation as a basis for the empowerment of the participants, who are mostly young people. That is why all sessions will combine theory, examples, case studies and dynamics around each of the themes of the courses.




National Agency Spain