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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

Impact+: Youth Field

26.10.20 bis 29.10.20
Training, europäisch|regional


The training course is based on the Impact+ Exercise that was developed as part of a Transnational Cooperation Activity project led by the United Kingdom Erasmus+ National agency and CMEPIUS the Slovenian Erasmus+ Education and Training National Agency. You can check the information on your European travel by using this interactive tool - Re-open EU. In case of COVID-19 travel restrictions this activity will be carried out online with adjusted content and lenght. 

The main aim of the training course is to equip participants with knowledge and skills for successful planning and assessing impact of the projects in the youth field.

Objectives of the activities are:

  • Participants will learn about the basic concepts related to project management and impact assessment.
  • Participants will get to know the Impact+ tool and its adaptation for use in the youth field.
  • Participants will learn to plan and assess projects' results and impact.
  • Participants will explore and define projects' indicators and data sources.
  • Participants will learn to define relevant audiences and further develop dissemination plan of the project impact.

During the training course participants will learn about the concept of impact, how to plan and assess projects' impact through group work. Part of the time will be dedicated for working on individuals' project ideas and the possible impact. Therefore, it is advised that participants already have project idea they would like to apply in the Erasmus+: Youth in action or European Solidarity Corps programme or they are already implementing such a project.




MOVIT, Ljubljana