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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Cazalla Intercultural,
Fon: +34 968471123,

MOOC: Global education goes POP

16.09.20 bis 21.10.20
E-Learning/Online, international


The general idea of this MOOC is to bring the global education dimension into youth work by exploring and learning how to use the POP culture as an element of mobilizing young people and connecting them to the Sustainable development goals. You may ask yourself: Why global education? Why pop culture?

Today we live in an interdependent and changing world, filled with challenges and opportunities. To assist young people in understanding and tackling these global challenges, we need to provide opportunities for the youth to learn about and explore global issues.

Global Education does not provide the answers to all the questions of our time, but it does offer the potential to support young people to become conscious global citizens who question the world and are committed to their ideals.

Young people today consider popular culture to be ‘cool’. We define the pop culture as a relationship associated with young people everyday interests of music, art, media, internet, TV, radio and fashion – it offers creativity, challenges, participation and engagement.When you see a Lady Gaga music video, do you think of it as a teachable material? Probably not. But pop culture is a useful tool that can help get youth interested and engaged in learning, and even offer resources for better understanding global issues.




Cazalla Intercultural