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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Apostolos Alexiadis,
NET Officer,
Fon: +30 2131314450,

Solidarity in Balkan Region

09.10.20 bis 30.10.20
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, international


A transnational NET Activity for people involved in ESC and are active in the region of Balkans. The participants will have the chance for networking, exchanging ideas and good practices and creating teams that will create volunteering projects.

The activity will be divided in two parts:

The asynchronous part mainly in HOP Online Learning Platform. The participants will explore and learn from the material of the sessions provided in the online course, do the tasks that trainers ask and participate in discussion forums expressing their opinions and ideas. 


  • To create some space for opinion exchanging about solidarity and its understanding between Balkans countries.
  • To create a network that contains organizations and youth workers from Balkan countries.
  • To provide information about core elements of a volunteering project, like Visa, CIGNA and Youthpass.
  • To give some examples of projects that participate Balkans countries.
  • To give a space to plan, create and develop a volunteering project by exchanging ideas.




Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM)