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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Fon: +48 503074049,

IMPROaction 4.0

14.10.20 bis 24.10.20
Training, international
Berlin, Deutschland


The 4th eddition of IMPROaction project organised by Youth Come On. The training of trainers will focus on development the competances among youth workers in theatre methodology (mime, physical theatre, body storytelling) for youth work. 

The project IMPROaction 4.0 is a next training of trainers in the family of improaction. The project aims to develop the trainers competances among participants in field of using theatrical methodology as mime, physical theatre and body storytelling in youth work. The project involved 10 youth organisation from Germany, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, Czech, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria. The main activity of the project is training course which will take place in Berlin between 14th and 24th of October. There would be 30 participants and 3 trainers from 10 countries.


  • Creating opportunity for participants to understand and learn about non-formal education, experiental learning and learning by doing as methods for improving the youth education.
  • Giving opportunity to experience, learn, and use storytelling, mime, physical theatre as innovative non-formal and non-verbal methodology for youth education.
  • Providing an opportunity for participants to devlop their comeptances, soft skills, self-development, self-awerness and self-esteem.
  • Giving opportunity to develop trainers competances and skills among participants by creating and developing personal workshops as well as implementing and evaluating it.
  • Promoting active citizenship, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, european values, solidarity, tolerance, human rights, entrepreneurship among youth.
  • Promoting NFE and Erasmus+ programme between youth and stakeholders.




Youth Come On