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Matthäus Nössing,
Fon: 0451 317060-45,
Email: matthaeus.noessing(at)same-network.org

Act.ival for Future

03.05.19 bis 06.05.19
Konferenz/Kongress, Workshop/Fachtag/Infotag/Fachgespräch, europäisch
Lübeck, Deutschland


Act.ival for Future brings together young people aged 16 to 23 from all over Europe for one weekend in the Hanseatic city Lübeck.

Are you a member of a youth organisation, currently starting your own initiative or a young person who wants to make your voice heard on things that matter to you?

You will discover new perspectives to empower changes in your community, strengthening your competencies, gain intercultural experiences and have a lot of fun.

The programme consists of innovative workshops, stimulating debates, interactive performances, simulations and outdoor activities around four key topics:

  • Power and the role of civil society
  • Digital tools for doing good
  • There is no planet B
  • Inequality and discrimination? Not with us!

The workshops will be offered by experts on these topics, so you can get informed, take a stand and act on these issues.

Our aim is to bring together a diverse group of young people in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck – a symbolic haven towards Europe – ready to exchange ideas, inspire each other and act on issues that matter to you! By creating a platform for young people from all over Europe, we want to work together on these issues and create an atmosphere of change.




Solidarity Acion Day Movement in Europe - SAME