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Youth Centres of the Future

18.06.20 bis 19.06.20
Seminar, europäisch


The aim is to foster exchange and to brainstorm together if the orientation of youth policy and youth work in the setting of youth centres is still tailored to the needs and interests of young people.
The everyday lives of young people are fast changing.  At the same time the youth centres in Luxembourg have existed for over two decades, and there is a possibility, that the needs of young people are developing faster than, and not necessary in accordance with the concept, architecture and equipment of the youth centres.

Therefore, it is essential to analyse on a regular basis if this is the case, and if so, further develop and adapt the concept of the youth centres.
Through a participative approach we would like to gather policy makers, youth workers, and researchers to discuss what the youth centres of the future could look like, what could be the role of the youth workers, how we can reach out to young people, what the impact of digitalisation could be, and if the findings and needs are different for small, medium and large municipalities.

The objectives of this 2-day seminar are:
Present the challenges to adapt the youth centres to the fast changing needs and interest of young people in the view of youth workers, researchers and policy makers
Make an inventory of different models of youth centres
Elaborate possible alternative concepts and approaches for locally embedded youth centres

Arrival on the 17.06 departures on the 20.06

This training is subject to the approval of the European Commission




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